Schematic Design Phase
  • Preliminary evaluation of program and budget requirements
  • Schematic design documents consisting of drawings and outline specifications
  • Selection of materials, building systems, equipment and methods of project delivery
Design Development Phase
  • Design development documents consisting of drawings and outline specifications
Related Pre-Design Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Investigation of Existing Conditions
  • Preparation of Drawings
Bidding/Negotiation Phase
  • Provide interpretations and clarifications of the drawings and specifications
Construction Phase
  • Site visits to become familiar with the progress and quality of work
  • Assist in the interpretation of contract documents
  • Check shop drawings for conformance with design concept
  • Review Change orders
  • Conduct inspections
  • Existing Equipment Operation Analysis
  • Replacement of Equipment
  • Project Evaluation
Additional Engineering Services
  • LEED Accredited
  • Computer Aided Design, Drafting
  • Energy Audits and Retrofit Analysis (including lighting system analysis)
  • Reliability Studies
  • Energy Usage Studies
  • Short Circuit/Coordination Studies
  • Building HVAC Load Energy Modeling
  • Emergency Systems Design & Analysis
  • Critical Power Systems Design & Analysis

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